Was a childhood “friend”. I had memorized all his poems, so his biography is of interest. I had written earlier, but it didn’t show up here, that I ordered the September 2001 issue if Somerset a studio because I remembered Anne Bagby’s Italian Clowns in that issue. It has arrived. I am eager to create more textured printed papers to work with in collage. Yesterday at The Coronado Scribes there was time for me to read my story about my crazy friend and her adventures and my new poem about yoga on the beach by the Hotel del. it makes me happy to hear people laugh in the right places when I read what I intended to be humor. I got belly laughs. Today is a lovely day. I have been taking pictures of the bells over the entrance if my Mission de Coronado home, circa 1913. The sun is shining on the yellow flowering vine that climbs to the bell on the fountain. Calla lilies have burst into bloom outside my painting room window. The rounded Camilla tree is in bloom as well as my fuchsia  ice plant bush. It is colorful. Time Warner just came to hook up a box so I have more channels and a TV guide. Technology! It looks to be a good day!












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