February 21

I will have more to say after today. I have asked a brand new friend over to paint with me today. She is new in town too and has lost her art connections from her home town of Sacramento. We need to start anew support group. I have been focussing on painting my own paper on tissue and deli paper, a la Anne Bagby, but will put both at away for today. My new friend will be painting in acrylic so I will get out my supplies for doing the Bob Burridge style on gesso end watercolor paper. I have ordered his Acryla paints since I had used the ones I began with completely. I like the intense pencils he introduced us to, the ones who turn into a permanent ink after dampening. On Monday I took the ferry across the eBay to Seaport Village and spent over an hour drawing and then watercoloring the inside of the Upstart Crow Bookstore. Before I left I selected a heavy fashion magazine. I took it to Harbor House restaurant and over lunch I tore out figures that might lend themselves to designing outfits using the the handmade stamped tissues for another day.


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