Monthly Archives: March 2014

March 22

I brought a few unfinished paintings from home and have begun to work on them. Yesterday, I found a 16 x 20 acrylic that I had begun of a restaurant in Bath, England called Moon and Sixpence. I had textured it before I drew the building in place,. Although I had taken the photo in daytime, with a name like that, I had to make it a night scene, didn’t I? So the moon could play a part. Then I had done rubbings of pence which I had glued down randomly. I lightly touched them up with black acrylic so that the design would show. I darkened the windows, added a shadowed or darkened side of the building next door, and did a preliminary painting of a girl sitting with her bicycle by it. I am really liking it, the colors, the mood, the abstractness of everything. When the girl and bike are done…,.I may do them in colored pencil…it will be done. I wish I had a frame for it.
Also this week I wrote an article for our Coronado Scribe’s proposed book, called A Magical Island, telling why I moved here. Everyone liked it and thinks the book needed this description of the island. I rewrote the poem, Gold! for the book. A productive week. Today I walked around the hotel, checking out a few more facts for the piece.


I have been working on a vertical 15 x 30 watercolor on Crescent hot press board.. It is one I began in 1999 and now it is 2013! I did a similar one in a Michael Atkinson class in the Loveland Academy then. It was very successful but I don’t have it any more. He gets his rich blue skies by layering three shades of blue, Antwerp one of them. I enlarged the lake in the canyon, added shadows, made minor adjustments in the rocks. I and satisfied except for the ridge that the shepherd is standing on. Today Karen is coming to paint. I will start something else.                                                                                                                                I spent much of yesterday reworking the poem I wrote about the gold dust that washes ashore on the beach here. Kelly spent the night. I think I will join him in an early morning walk on the beach. I will take another look at that gold!

February 28

Last week when my new art friend came, she was finishing an acrylic painting for a friend of a water lily garden. I painted in Bob Burridge’s style of acrylic on gesso…3 pears on a table. Yesterday I sat down with it and wrote a recipe in ever changing colors prisma Colors In the black background.  The recipe was for a pear tarte. Today I painted a red tree with blue back ground, similar to what I gave Erin. I showed her my travel journal of London, since England is her favorite country, one she writes about and paints. I love England, too, and France, and Nebraska, and Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, and California now….I have been printing black and white patterns in preparation for doing fashion designs. That is next….I never get much done when I paint with someone else, because I talk. I get things done at workshops tho because everyone is just thinking about working and not talking..