March 22

I brought a few unfinished paintings from home and have begun to work on them. Yesterday, I found a 16 x 20 acrylic that I had begun of a restaurant in Bath, England called Moon and Sixpence. I had textured it before I drew the building in place,. Although I had taken the photo in daytime, with a name like that, I had to make it a night scene, didn’t I? So the moon could play a part. Then I had done rubbings of pence which I had glued down randomly. I lightly touched them up with black acrylic so that the design would show. I darkened the windows, added a shadowed or darkened side of the building next door, and did a preliminary painting of a girl sitting with her bicycle by it. I am really liking it, the colors, the mood, the abstractness of everything. When the girl and bike are done…,.I may do them in colored pencil…it will be done. I wish I had a frame for it.
Also this week I wrote an article for our Coronado Scribe’s proposed book, called A Magical Island, telling why I moved here. Everyone liked it and thinks the book needed this description of the island. I rewrote the poem, Gold! for the book. A productive week. Today I walked around the hotel, checking out a few more facts for the piece.


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