I witnessed the stunning eclipse from the beach. I took my chair, camera and notebook and spent two hours nestled by the lifeguard sta tion, watching as the moon turned from milky white to incandescent orange…..more of an apricot.

Saturday will be Sketchbook Crawl day all over the world, so when my friend and I are drawing in the brick courtyard two blocks from here, we will know others are drawing in their journals as well. I am taking Danny Gregory’s online journal class. I have followed his art and life for years, beginning with his book, Everyday Matters. He used my drawing of shoes on his blog when I had eye surgery and could only look down, so drew the shoes of friends who came to visit. So I am back to doing daily drawing in my journals again. It is such a useful meditation. Today is my Coronado Scribes group, something I really look forward to, and it keeps me writing as well. I wrote this short poem about the eclipse:

Alone on the beach….After Midnight…Fog hugs the sand…Waves touch the shore…And in the sky… the deep dark encompassing sky…An incandescent apricot moon….
Eclipses it all.

Then as soon as I got home, I did two quick watercolors with a Tombow pen to remember the occasion.

Yesterday a friend and I drew the Dragon Tree at the Hotel del Coronado, the very one shown with Marilyn Monroe in ‘Some Like It Hot.’


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