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Week two, January 31, 2014

This week I have written many short sketches in the life of a crazy fun friend. Her life is like no other. It occurs to me that her life would make a good sit com. Does anyone have an idea of anyone with influence that I could present the idea to? I mean, how many people to you know who cook a canned ham in the can, unopened?  Or cook the Thanksgiving ham decorated with cloves and pineapple and cherries while forgetting to remove the plastic wrapping. And one of my favorites…she thought the white wine punch too plain so she added green food color…so much that for the rest of the evening the guests conversed with bright green teeth and lips! 

I am excited about trying some Anne Bagby type collages. I have admired her work for years. It was a revolution to me when I learned she used stamps or stencils to create a wallpaper look in her still life’s. all along I had been painstakingly painting the wallpaper in my cupboard painting by hand. As whenever trying someone else’s technique, soon it takes a left turn and all of a sudden it combines with your own ideas and becomes your own. I had one of Bagby’s CDs and a friend had the other, so we exchanged. Collage is a freeing technique, really the most fun of all medias. I look forward to what will come of this adventure. I finished the watercolor I began of the boats in Glorietta